#Imagine FPK… Everyday Inspirational Women

Hi Finsbury Park,

As you know, yesterday we celebrated International Women’s Day at Park Theatre. SHE was a wonderful exhibition with Chris Avis capturing the bond between mother and daughter in a very pure, natural way. We would definitely recommend heading over to see the exhibition, which is running until April 30th 2017. Didi Hopkins accompanied Chris, and they both gave inspirational speeches about International Women’s Day. The speeches made us think about women that inspire us – particularly everyday women, as we feel they do not get enough recognition for the differences they have made to our lives. We would like to take the opportunity to put our everyday inspirational women to ‘centre stage’ in celebration of International Women’s Month.

Morgan’s everyday inspirational woman is her mum, Vicki. Here are some photographs and an interview inspired by SHE at Park Theatre.

When I think of my daughter I think of love. I had her when I was seventeen so I’ve grown up with her.

My daughter is strength. I’m really proud of her. She’s really grown up and I admire how she can come through hard situations.

My daughter will be anything she wants to be. She’s got that drive to push herself along whatever happens, she’s very headstrong. She’ll will always push herself in to a situation she wants to be in – even if she’s in a situation she wasn’t expecting, she’ll make the most of it.

If I could affect one aspect of my daughter it would be to show she is capable of doing whatever she wants to. To see herself as I see her.

How does your daughter inspire you?

By being just the way she is. Her drive.

My first memory of my mother… I think I was three years old. We were in Tobago, I’d cut all my knees up, I’d tripped on some glass. I remember my Grandma splashing salt water into the cuts thinking she was hilarious and I remember my mum holding me, holding me away from her and stopping her from doing it.

My mother is… a very strong, independent person. She really inspires me to never rely on anyone to do anything for me.

My mother will be… happy and stress-free.

If I could affect one aspect of my mother… I wish that she could not stress about things so much. Just accept that things happen, and it can be bad but you can move past it and let go of it.

How does your mother inspire you?

She’s shown me that no matter what the circumstances are, everything is going to be alright.

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