#Imagine FPK…My Cultural Identity

Hi Finsbury Park,

Last week we attended the opening of They Are Here’s ‘Please Identify Yourself’ exhibition. We would highly recommend that you visit – it’s a compelling exhibition, criticising the way that asylum seekers and refugees are stripped of their identity when entering the UK. It evoked many questions about our own identities and I have responded creatively to the exhibition with a poem exploring my cultural identity in Finsbury Park.

My Cultural Identity

Imagine Finsbury Park without culture,

I cannot.

Finsbury Park has shaped much of my practice,

Providing me with unique arts experiences,

Allowing me to become who I want to be,

Helping to form my cultural identity.

I have been a Suffragette on the Andover,

A Poet in Platform,

A Fashionista on Fonthill road

Imagine Finsbury Park without culture,

I cannot.

I have often felt out of place at Art College and prestigious galleries,

But Finsbury Park includes me.

I have the opportunity to feel comfortable out of my comfort zone,

A chance to explore the arts in my own community.

I have been an Actress at Park Theatre,

An Art Critic at Furtherfield,

An Arts Ambassador with All Change

Imagine Finsbury Park without culture,

I cannot.

Thank you for reading guys!

Morgan x

P.S We can’t wait to attend “Do we ever see Grace” performance by ActOne at Platform Youth Hub. This performance tells the tale of a young girl who definitely stands out from the world around her – do you dare to be different? A play created by young people in 1985, exploring controversial themes that are still relevant in today’s society. Stay tuned for our response!

Do We Ever See Grace? By Noel Graig at Platform Youth Hub on 24th and 25th March 2017 at 3pm and 7pm. Tickets; £1 for youth, £3 for adults.

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