#Imagine FPK – Do you believe in flying?

Do you believe in flying?

Do you believe in flying?

To fly. To fly high.

Do you believe in trying?

Trying to fly.

If you saw someone fly

Would you believe your eyes?

Your eyes that lie,

That somebody could fly

Fly so high.

What is it to fly?

Who told you, you can’t try.

Try to fly.

So high.

Grace flied.

Everybody thought their eyes lied

When Grace flied and died

Do you believe in flying?

Do you believe in Grace?

by Lamar Alo

Hi Finsbury Park,

Last week Saturday, we went to Platform Youth Hub to watch Act One’s performance of  Do We Ever See Grace? and must we say, what a compelling and moving piece! The play tells the tale of a young girl named Grace who sticks out from the world around her and for this the people condemned her. The play is very thought provoking as it illustrates a society where ‘difference’ is a fearful and deviant concept and is portrayed in a darkly clown show thriller. The 13-19 year old actors were exceptional and inspiring! I was so moved by the performance that I was inspired to create a poem called Do you believe in flying? We’d recommend to everyone to watch the play by Noel Greig and to visit Platform Youth Hub that offers weekly activities such as dance, drama and music production all for young people! Not to mention, really yummy Panini’s in the café.

Thank you and stay tuned as we’re visiting Offline is the New Luxury an exhibition presented by Allie Ballard at Furtherfield Gallery exploring the relationship between us, technology and hyperreality involving an omniscient narrator.

Have a nice week!

Offline is the New Luxury Open 11am – 5pm, Thursday – Sunday or by appointment, between 7th -16th April 2017. Free @ Furtherfield Gallery, McKenzie Pavilion. Finsbury Park N4 2NQ

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