#Imagine FPK…Mind Readers

Last week we visited Furtherfield again for their fantastic new exhibition by Alison Ballard.

From visiting the exhibition and speaking to Alison, we became interested in how technology, and people, can build narratives around individuals based on superficial information.

In this small piece, we play around with contrasting narrative voices – the observing narrator and the internal voice of the character.

A woman stepped on to a train at Finsbury Park and planted herself on the nearest seat. Worst sleep ever. Why is rush hour always so bad here? Don’t know how I’m going to get through the meeting. She had a hard-nosed and conceited demeanor. She beadily surveyed the carriage, sweeping each person with a narrowed stare. Can’t believe this. Can’t see a thing. Must have left them on the side. Her [targeted gaze] landed on the woman opposite to her right as she looked her up and down. Like her dress. I saw something similar on Fonthill road last week. She then withdrew her stare and glared onward into the carriage. What’s in the fridge? Would it bad to have PFC tonight? Might be easier…. 

Offline is the New Luxury at Furtherfield Gallery

7 – 16 April 2017

Open 11:00 – 17:00 Thur– Sun or by appointment

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