Who Makes Finsbury Park?

Writer, Sarah Butler (www.sarahbutler.org.uk), and photographer, Marysa Dowling (http://www.marysadowling.co.uk/), in collaboration with All Change, are asking the question Who Makes Finsbury Park? Through a process of portrait-making, conversation and walking, Sarah and Marysa will explore the changing urban fabric of Finsbury Park, uncovering and celebrating creativity, culture and acts of making.

Sarah is a published novelist with a parallel practice in socially-engaged, place-specific writing. Fascinated by the relationships between stories, places and communities, her work explores identity, belonging, landscape and home. She has a particular interest in urban spaces and urban change.

Marysa’s practice considers human exchange, exploring how people interact with each other and their environments. Her playful and thoughtful projects use photography to build connections across communities and societies. Dowling has worked on commissions and exhibited in the UK, Ireland, USA, Cuba, South Africa, Mexico, India and Lebanon.

Sarah and Marysa will invite a range of people based or active in Finsbury Park to get involved – leading informal walks, creating portraits, and sharing their ideas, opinions and passion about the area. Both artists will work towards a new body of work capturing and celebrating the culture and energy of Finsbury Park at a time of change.

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