Imagine FPK …In Neon

A couple of weeks ago, Naomi visited a play-reading performance of In Neon by Sarah Rutherford at Park Theatre. The play explores themes of sexuality, religion, migration and differences through family generations. The performance shares the journey of a young Muslim woman who, to her mother’s dismay, falls in love with another woman. Playwright, Sarah Rutherford courageously identifies the relationship between love and oppression with references to religious and cultural values and beliefs, inspired by stories of the local people in Finsbury Park.  Motivated by the older mother character in the performance, we wrote a letter to our older selves to read in the future. You should give it a try! Hope you enjoy!

Naomi’s Letter to Older Self

Dear Older Self,

Allow the ground to move below you

Do the things that make you feel invincible

Listen more than you speak, but share your wisdom when asked

Don’t feel, as though you know everything, there’s always more to know

Realise that you may not always be right

My dear, never dictate but always nurture.

Yours truly, younger Naomi.

Lamar’s Letter to Older Self

Dear Older Self,

Your journey has not finished. Learning is still fun.

Love the growth, more than the result

Be as fluid as water. And remember to drink more water.

Be as open and insightful as a book,

Remember laughter is the best medicine

Time is only wasted, doing what you don’t like.

Judge not, Love always.

No matter how old you are – you are as sassy as can be!

Love younger Lamar

Look out for our next blog post where we chat to local residents about their experiences of dress rehearsal of Madame Rubinstein at Park Theatre!

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