#Imagine FPK…Voices of the Movement

Hello everyone, hope you’re all well and have had a great start to the week.

On Sunday, we went to see ‘Voices of the Movement’ by YOU PRESS at Park Theatre. This was an extraordinary performance that followed fifteen weeks of preparation working with 11 refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and a group of talented artist and volunteers exploring the experiences and stories of refugees and conveying this through spoken word, poetry, music and drama. YOU PRESS takes pride in using creative arts to create a positive community attitude as a social enterprise based in London and this was definitely displayed within their genuine performance.  What a compelling and brave piece that challenges stereotypes and takes a willing journey into the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers, as well as their hopes and dreams. ‘I believe YOU PRESS did a fantastic job at touching the hearts of the audiences which created such a positive outcome of appreciation and realisation.’

Stay tuned for upcoming interviews and chats with the amazing and talented artists and participants from YOUP RESS involved within ‘Voices of the Movement’ discussing their views and experiences and please read our creative response to this performance below. Thank You and Enjoy!


Like a speck on a clean slate,

My surrounding is not innate

Like a needle in a haystack

My culture will forever lack,

Like stranger danger…. BEWARE!

My home, that they don’t want to share

But to go, I have nowhere….

And kindness, to me, is quite rare…

Because In your world…

I’m a parasite, here to suck the light of your home.

I’m an alien, here to invade and take over until you’re gone

I’m a thief, here to take your benefits that always go to me

I’m an immigrant, a refugee – this is how you’ll always see me.

A stranger in your world, A stranger in mine

Would it be better if I wasn’t here? To take up your time.

Back home, I was taught to be a good host to your guests

Offer water, food and plenty of rest.

Don’t expect too much and keep your faith

If you’re not joyous, don’t let it show on your face.

So, I smile when I visit said ‘Home Office’.

Nowadays going there is more loss than profit

Just because I am here, does not mean I am home

Call it ‘Roam office’ as I still haven’t received my own.

I lived where there is hope, I lived where there was dreams

Now when I look back it has been trampled so it seems

I lived where you loved thy neighbour and shared community

But here a stranger is an unwanted minority

But I look above and keep searching.

Mum said…’Keep the faith, show joy in your face.’

I look for the hopes, community, love and dreams

Outside there is none…..

But what I didn’t do is look inside me.

Inside me is culture. Inside me is hopes. Inside me is spirit.

Inside me is faith. Inside me is a new place.

Wherever I go, inside me will be home

Taking from where I’ve been, adding it to what I’ve seen.

Who said culture is one place? I’m never a stranger in this place.

You may know me from outside, a stranger in

But you need to know, that it’s from the inside I shine from within. 

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