Artworks for hoardings

A series of artworks are being commissioned for hoardings sites surrounding the developments at City North and John Jones sites. Artists will work with local people to create these pieces.


wordsofwisdomWORDS OF WISDOM – was created to coincide with Word2016 festival and in partnership with City North N4 and Telford Homes. A multitude of different local women’s voices – young and old, past and present – came together in this poetic artwork for the hoardings on Wells Terrace – to share pearls of wisdom and a wealth of experiences gathered across the decades. Work was created as part of Dispensing Wisdom – an arts and heritage project by All Change working with Manor Gardens Centre. Poetry and images were developed with young women and a range of local women’s groups, working with artists Kat Francois, Marysa Dowling and Mila Sanders. The hoardings were designed by illustrator Rebecca Hurst.




photo 1FINSBURY PARK LIFE @ City North Project N4 – Wells Terrace –As part of an exciting partnership for WORD2015, City North London N4 project has worked with All Change to create this specially designed poetic artwork for the hoardings on Wells Terrace N4 . Poet Yemisi Blake worked in collaboration with local older people to create magical poetry inspired by the unique personality of life in Finsbury Park. Designers Magpie Studio have taken the poetry and developed a typographical treat for passers-by to enjoy.


FRAME OF MIND @ John Jones –  a collection of poetry by local people of all ages in John Jones 3D frames

speech bubbles_25x          speech bubbles_21x

WHERE ARE YOU GOING? @ City North – excerpts of stories from local people collected by Park Theatre’s writer-in-residence – Sarah Rutherford brought together as travel motifs by design team Magpie Studio

hoardinga          hoardingb

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